Artist Statement

Michael Foucault stated that; “… the body is an object of knowledge… It is an inscribed surface of events (traced by language and dissolved by ideas)… totally imprinted by history… and patterns of significance..”

What Foucault posits here, has always fascinated me; the body as a complex site. A site full of references and always unique. All its parts make one in their projection and reflection of time, character and mystery.

This mine of information, layer upon layer, primal and pure, has compelled me to want to work in different media as I search to connect with individual truths. Each medium has its power as I move from one to the other finding my voice of expression.the unpredictability of both the material and of the subject itself, echoes the variance I encounter when confronting the human form on paper, canvas, or with my clay and plaster. This challenge I sit with every time I commence my creative process.


Object of Desire I
Object of Desire II
Object of Desire III
Life and Love
Elu’s struggle
‘Elu study’ in plaster
Release I
Release II
Scarred by the ocean and time
Work in progress

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